27 May 2012

Sunshine Coast World Environment Day Festival

The core of the festival, held on 3rd June, is made up by ‘Gateway to the Green Economy’ which is organised around 7 main areas:

  • Energy
  • Food
  • Fashion & Lifestyle
  • Home & Garden
  • Transport
  • Waste
  • Water
Each area will house business exhibitors along with research and innovation displays and a series of stations providing information on easy to implement sustainable living practices for the home.

  • Green Feats - To engage audience each area will also feature one of ‘Green Feats’ challenges and activities designed to educate, engage and entertain the audience around core sustainability messages
  • Speaker Program- Local people at the forefront of specialised sustainability fields (from private enterprise, community and academia) will be speaking on their experiences and expertise on what it will be like to live in a world powered by a Green Economy
  • Children’s area – The Children’s area will provide a wide range of hands on educational activities for all those that are young at heart.
  • Community Forecourt – The community forecourt will provide an area for community environmental groups (such as Landcare and Waterwatch groups) to engage with the community and put on show their activities and achievements.
  • Festival trail – All visitors will be invited to follow trail which will take them on a journey that will engage, inspire and educate leading them through all areas of the festival. Along the trail visitors will be asked to participate in activities and find information that will lead them to a better understanding of environmental impacts and empower them to live more sustainably.
Of course there will also be an ample supply of food and entertainment to provide a genuine festival atmosphere.

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