15 November 2015

Queensland Thundercat Surf Cross Finals

The adrenalin-seeking Thundercat crews return to the sunny coast for the final round of their state Surf Cross Series! Guided by their thrill-seeking Thundercat Pilots and Co-pilots, these boats can reach speeds of up to 90 kilometres per hour and jump up to six metres in the air - making it an exciting, family-friendly spectator sport. 

The final round of the Queensland Thundercat Surf Cross Series will be decided across two days - November 21 to 22 - with racing on Alex Beach (just north of the Surf Club) from 9am to 2pm each day. So why not head down to Alex Surf Club for a bird's eye view of all the exhilarating action as Queensland's top Thundercat crews battle it out in the surf for the ultimate championship crown! 

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